Don’t be lazy- offerings matter

I just got back from a week long vacation to the Bahamas.  We’d been planning this trip for over a year.  My sister came from half way across the country to stay with the child, giving my husband and I a chance for romance we haven’t had in five years.  Getting ready for the trip was busy and time consuming and suddenly it was 10 PM on the night before we left.

I made a quick, half-hearted offering to Hermes for protection on our travels.  I thought of all the Theoi I wanted to/should have made offerings to.  But I was tired, and lazy and still had finish the last of packing, so I didn’t.

Our trip was TERRIBLE.  Truly sucky.  Everything from bad luck, to bad weather which canceled mostly all our island plans, to an incredibly expensive speeding ticket on the way home (5 minutes after I took the wheel!).  Seriously one of the most disappointing things in my life.  And all I could think of was how I’d earned this.  Not in an angsty self-hating way, more in an amused way.  Like, “well, I screwed you out of offerings and you screwed me back.”  It’s a good lesson and the kick in the pants I deserved.  It’s spurred me to be better about praxis since I got back.