Where I stand

My writing isn’t elegant and I don’t think I explain my thoughts very well.  I can’t calmly, logically lay out a debate.  For these reasons, I don’t blog and I rarely comment on other blogs, although I do follow a lot of them.

This latest round of fighting has been confusing and exhausting.  I suppose one person/group telling another person/group that they’re doing religion wrong is as old time.  Even so, it’s annoying.

Polytheism, at its core, is about worshiping the Gods.  It’s about giving them their due.  No human being on this planet has the right to interfere with that.  Not political activists, not clergy or religious specialists, not your parents or lovers.  No one.  I don’t care how vile I find a person or their political views- I still want them to be sacrificing, worshiping, loving the Gods.  I can call out racism (and other -isms), I can choose not to participate in ritual with them (because yes, I’m emotional, and my not liking someone would steal my focus away from the Gods, rendering the ritual pointless).  I can tell them their views are trash.  But I still want them to give the Gods their due.

I follow a ton of bloggers and I can’t say I 100% agree with everything anyone says.  That doesn’t erase the things I agree with or render them without value.  I’m not sure what happened to nuanced discussion or the ability to “agree to disagree”.  In example, a close friend of mine is strongly anti-abortion.  I vehemently disagree with her.  We’ve had a few deep, long conversations on the subject and at the end, we still don’t agree at all.  No hurt feelings, no lingering anger.  We’re still friends.  So this current culture is baffling and more than a little scary to me.

Anyway, I like the call made by a few bloggers to say what our polytheism actually is, what our truth is, instead of letting ourselves be labeled and accused of [insert -ism here].  Not exactly sure where to start with that.

So I’ll say, I’m a completely average lay-person.  I’m somewhere in the area of Hellenic Revivalist.  I’m not an expert, or clergy, or a specialist of any kind.  Those folks are necessary, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not one of them.  I frequently “fall off the wagon” of devotional practice, despite thinking of and loving my Gods everyday.  I would say I’m not “good” at religion, despite wanting to be (I’m working on it though).  I do my best to live well, take personal responsibility for my actions, to make the world a little better one day at a time.