Festival Plans

My husband worships Perun, a slavic God.  Because of this, I spent some time researching Slavic polytheism so that I could offer some basic hospitality to this God that is a part of my household.  During this time, I came across the God Yarilo.  Even though I had never worshiped Dionysus, Yarilo made me think of Him.  I pushed it to the back of my mind, but every time I came across Yarilo’s name, I thought of Dionysus.  I’m uncomfortable with things that appear to be “soft polytheism” and even syncretism can be hard for me, so I left it be.  Then, I came across Dver’s post about her festival cycle and she mentions that in her practice, she celebrates two festivals that syncretizes the two deities.  While I know that I shouldn’t look to others about what is “ok” in terms of worship, this did make me feel better about connecting the two Gods in my head.  This year, I’ve decided to follow my instincts and attempt to celebrate Yarilo’s Funeral.  I like Dver’s placement of the festival of on August 19th to coincide with the Roman Vinalia, and have decided to keep that date as well.  I also made sure to look up when the grape harvest occurs in my local area (Aug. 15-Sep. 20), and the dates works well on that level too.

I have a couple weeks to make a plan and prepare for the festival.  I feel especially drawn to it this year as we head into autumn.


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