Finding the Gods in music

Ever since I began to study and forging a relationship with Dionysus and Ariadne, I’ve begun to “see” them in a lot of my music.  Songs I’ve heard a thousand times are suddenly taking on new meaning.  I’ve always used music as a connective tool, but still, it’s really caught me off guard (not in a bad way though).  Three times a week I take my daughter to a marital arts class.  It’s about 20-40 min there depending on traffic, about 25 min on the way back.  This gives me a lot of music time in the car.  The Girl entertains herself and generally doesn’t pay me any mind.  I’ve taken to hitting shuffle and focusing my thoughts one deity in particular, praying to them for connection.

The first time I did this, Ariadne was my focus.  These seven songs are what played from a playlist of over a hundred songs and at least twenty different artists.  They didn’t play in this order, I’ve reorganized them.  I know other may see no connection but to me, I hear in these songs the myth of her languishing away in her old life, betraying her brother to escape it all, being left by Theseus and finally meeting Dionysus.

Listen here if you’d like.


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